Sunday Morning Worship/Sermon

     We are here to provide a friendly, family environment for worship, Christian education, fellowship, and outreach.  Guests and members alike often comment on the immediate, comfortable acceptance they feel at FBCVM, as well as the care and compassion that they find among our membership.

     At FBCVM, our congregation is heavily involved in our services through the choir, youth choir, and tech team. We believe that the true strength and nature of any church is to be a fellowship of adults, youth and children who use their talents and faith for the causes of Jesus Christ! We invite you to come and to join us as you claim your place in ministry, make some good friends, and celebrate the Love of God!


What Can I expect?

When you arrive, you can expect to be greeted at the door of our Sanctuary by one of our church members.  They are there to welcome you to our church, offer you our worship bulletin, and answer any questions you may have. 

What Should I Wear to church?

Come dressed as you are, we don't expect people to come dressed in $5000 suits every Sunday. We are extremely welcoming to new attendees! Don't be turned away from a church because you think you have to dress a certain way!

Where Do I Park?

We have decided to answer the age-old question of where people are supposed to park! We have parking available in the front of the church alongside Highway 6( it's typically gone pretty quick on Sunday Mornings), and we have a large parking lot behind the church with ample room. 

What Do I Do With My Kids?

Children of all ages are welcome to join with us throughout our worship though we do have nursery facilities for infants and small children provided by a loving staff.