Welcome to VBS Registration 2019!


Vacation Bible School will be held at FBCVM from June 10th through the 14th, 8:30am to 11:00am every day. We look forward to seeing your child here this year! Please have this online registration form for your child/children filled out before coming to VBS and print and fill out the VBS Permission Slip/Liability Release Sheet. You MUST have the sheet filled out and turned in to the church on or before the morning of the first day of VBS in order for your child/children to participate. Thanks!     

Click Here To Download The Permission Slip

Parent/Legal Guardian Information
Parent/Legal Guardian *
Parent/Legal Guardian
Parent/Legal Guardian Phone Number *
Parent/Legal Guardian Phone Number
Child Information
(The grade your child just completed)
Birthdate *
Emergency Contact Information(MUST be someone other than the Parent/Guardian)
Emergency Contact Phone Number *
Emergency Contact Phone Number
Arrival To/Departure From The Church
Rules of Dismissal *
I will pick my child/children up from the church at 11:00am on the days of VBS from the Sanctuary inside the Church.
Program Dates, Rules, and Expectations
Dates *
June 10th-14th 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Rules of Respect *
My child will respect teachers, leaders, and volunteers. My child will follow directions, behave appropriately in class and on the playground. My child will respect other students. He/she will keep hands to self, will not call other children names, and will not bully other students. All of my child's electronics, games, cards, and toys need to be left at home. If they are not they will be taken up and taken to the office where the parent/guardian will need to pick them up. If my child has a cell phone out during VBS it will be taken up and returned at the end of the day, cell phones should be left in my child's pockets. Your child must agree to report to the teachers and leaders if they observe another student not following the rules of respect.
Disciplinary Actions *
a) first offense of the day – time out – with an adult volunteer b) second offense of the day - sit out the rest of the day c) third offense of the day – call parent for pick up
Physical Release/Liability Form *
I understand that I must complete, sign, and date the physical waiver/release form and return it to the church on or before the morning of VBS.