2018 DNow Information:

        We will be having our annual DNow this year on January 25-27th. This is a weekend for youth to come together for times of fellowship, worship, preaching, bible study, prayer, fun, games, and junk food. As with most years, we will be partnering with other local churches to pool resources and provide the best experience possible while also allowing students to meet others from churches around us. The main band and speaker will serve the entire group of churches for worship services.

        Students will be divided by age and gender groups to spend the nights in host homes. The hosts are members of our church that have graciously offered their homes for the weekend. Each group will be assigned two additional leaders (usually a college student or young adult) to lead them in discussions and bible studies. The host homes are where friendships are strengthened, junk food is eaten, games are played, challenging questions are asked, and memories are made.

        The cost for DNow is $35 (due January 20th), and signups will be available in the attic youth room every Wednesday. All students 6th-12th grade are highly encouraged to attend this important spiritual opportunity, and they are welcome to invite their friends! If there are any conflicts with family, school, or sports events, please let me know so we can make arrangements. As always, more details will come as we get closer to DNow! Thanks!

Online Registration:

This form MUST be filled out by the Parent/Legal Guardian of the student(s) who is wanting to attend DNow. This form is purely to be used to gather the information for the individual students. There will also be a physical liability/release form that will be given to your student that we will need signed by you, the parent/legal guardian and brought back to the Church. 

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